About the Couse

Manly P. Hall’s century-old book The Initiates of the Flame is a beloved classic of comparative philosophy and esoteric ideas. Yet few realize just how wisdom-packed its seven short chapters are. And that’s because many of the ideas presented require background knowledge to benefit from their deeper meanings. 

To get you there, our new class will go line-by-line through the entire book, exploring every word and image, providing context, symbolic interpretation and functional meaning to the many concepts presented. Seven visually useful video lectures will be released over seven weeks to help you understand the psychological, mythological and spiritual ideas this text is famous for.

By the end, you won’t just understand the book better—you will have been given the core thesis of the world’s philosophies, secret societies, and religions in a variety of different ways. The goal of this class is to help students forever gain simplistic literacy of the world’s various wisdom traditions, stories, and symbols, which make future exploration into esoteric concepts easier and more practical. 

This class is great for those who have never read The Initiates of the Flame before as well as lifelong fans.

Note: You do not need to own the book to take this class. 

About the Instructor

Stephen Reedy is a multifaceted multitasker. As a filmmaker, he learned the transformative value of verbal and nonverbal communication. As a fancy-pants marketing guy, he learned the ways of emotional manipulation on a global scale. As a comparative philosophy dork, he learned that, miraculously, people from all cultures through all time keep saying the same mysterious thing with the same surreal imagery. What are they trying to say? And how? Exploring this with energy, excitement and rational functionality is what he’s all about. 

Stephen has also created and taught "The Basics of Esoteric Symbolism" and "The Basic Keys to The Secret Teachings of All Ages" through the online school at PRS.