About This Course

For many cultures in the world, ritual is part of everyday life. Time is taken for even the most mundane experiences in order to acknowledge and incorporate them into our lives. There is communication with the elements, with ancestors and with the phenomenal world around us. The communities that do this have done so since the beginning of humanity. This act of ritual helps us make meaning of everyday experiences, helps us to let go of things we are holding onto and helps us live in our world in a different way. Ritual can connect us not only to others, but also to nature and every being around us.

The aspiration of this course is to encourage a deeper exploration into the role of ritual and sacred view for each of us, as well as provide some tools on how to do that. We benefit by learning from the wisdom around us, and there are many cultures we can rely on to guide the way to a more interconnected approach to our lives and community. By the end, my hope is you will feel inspired, encouraged, and supported to transform your life.

This is a self-paced course and all participants can access and revisit course materials as they please. Materials include a 3-hour recorded lecture, a video on death rituals, and four handouts with curated materials and resources.

About The Instructor

Carlyle Coash, MA, BCC has spent many years in the fields of performance, education and spiritual counseling. His life has been a series of firsts, blazing away into the unknown so that others can walk the path a little easier. As a spiritual counselor in hospice and palliative care, he created hundreds of rituals and life transitions, assisting others to find clarity about the most essential elements in their lives.

He works with trauma, grief and major life changes with people of many ages. He specialized in pediatric palliative care and end of life, working with dynamic teams in Colorado and California. He contributed to the creation of the book Making Healthcare Whole and has a chapter published in The Arts of Contemplative Care by Wisdom Press.

He is also a founder of The Actor's Gymnasium, a Chicago-based school dedicated to the alternative theatre arts and performance. He is certified as a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and is the first Tibetan Buddhist practitioner to be Board Certified through the Association of Professional Chaplains. He is also honored to be a part of Wisdom Spring, a nonprofit that creates water and education projects in Africa, India and Nepal.