About the Course

This is the third in a series of courses that introduce participants to the astrology of the psyche. Developed and taught by Thea Wirsching, a practicing astrologer for almost 20 years, this series will cover the basic astrological building blocks with courses focused on the topics of planets, signs, houses, and aspects. It’s been said that it takes about a year to become conversant in the fundamental vocabulary of astrology, and this course will give you all the tools you need to start interpreting natal charts on your own.

This section will focus on the astrological houses, the "where" of planetary action. Participants will learn about the polarity of the natural wheel, or how each house is best understood in relation to its opposite. Each class will cover an opposing pair of houses, such as the 1st and 7th, the 2nd and 8th, etc. 

Houses are where we gild the lily, or understand how planets in signs are empowered, or constrained, to act. Houses are the most controversial topic in astrology, and have been since ancient times. Though we will use the Placidus house system in class, we will also cover the philosophy behind ancient house systems to arrive at a holistic view.  

About the Instructor

Thea Wirsching is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Tarot reader and intuitive, writer, scholar, and mom. She received her doctorate in literature from UCLA with a focus on America’s esoteric history, and much of that research went into her Tarot deck and book, the American Renaissance Tarot (2021). A former college instructor, Thea is a passionate teacher and has hosted a wide array of astrology classes and workshops. She has been a practicing astrologer for close to twenty years, and approaches the natal chart as an index to past-life inheritance and the evolution of the soul. In her free time, Thea enjoys pursuing ancestry work and learning about ancient Egypt.